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Welcome to Richardson High School PTA!

We are excited about the 2015-2016 school year!
Join us in supporting our wonderful students and staff by joining the PTA!

You may notice we have a new website. This site makes it easy for members to do all of their PTA purchases and paperwork online and saves you time.

Be sure to register and check the site often for events, opportunities, and announcements!


Senior Parent Dinner

Select the "Tickets to the Senior Parent Dinner and Silent Auction" form on your account page (see screenshot below).

Parent Dinner Form


Benefits of Registering with Membership Toolkit:

Best of all, you only have to enter your information once in Membership Toolkit and it follows you to all your different schools! As long as you use the same login ID, every PTA that uses Membership Toolkit will "recognize" you. No more entering the same directory information at multiple schools!